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Writing and Rhetorical Guides

The Writing Process (ppt) -- podcast
The Writing Process
Power of Description --video
Approaching First Drafts
The Watcher and the Muse
Peer Response
Rethinking and Revision
Brainstorming--Argu/Pers Essay
Argumentative Techniques
Effective Writing and Inferences
Collaborative Writing

Technical/Professional Writing Guides

Primer on Genre Analysis
Resume Guide
Page Design Principles
Instructions/User Guide Principles
R Williams' Document Design Principles


Grammar/Style Guides

Sentence Basics
Using Quotations
--The Sandwich Principle
The Art of Integrating Quotes
--more on integrating quotes
--yet more on integrating quotes

Standard Editing Marks
Sentence Editing Draft
Editing Checklist
Revising Sentences

Commonly Confused Words

Read-Write Guides

Writing Critical Summaries
Response/Think Pieces -- example
Close Reading Strategies
Annotation Guide


Essay Basics

Essay Form
Leads: Introductions
Development Outline

Arriving at a Thesis
Brainstorming for Reasons
Strategies for Developing Support
Secondary Support

Model Essay
Critical Essay
Phases of Revision
0301 Essay Zone
MLA Documentation
--example handling sources

--example MLA paper
Avoiding Plagiarism






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