Scholarly Publications, Presentations, and Web Sites


The Activist WPA in Action: A Profile of the First-Year Writing Program at Eastern Michigan University.” Composition Forum 20, Summer 2009.

"Reflection in the Electronic Writing Classroom." Spring 2004. Computers and Composition Online.

"The Shared Discourse of the Networked Computer Classroom." May, 1999 Teaching English in the Two-Year College, NCTE. Republished in Trends & Issues in Postsecondary English Studies: 2000. NCTE.

"Portfolios: Madness or Method?" December, 1993. Teaching English in the Community College.

Books and Book Chapters:

What is Academic Writing?” Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing. Vol 1. West Lafayette: Parlor Press, 2010. 3-17.

Writing Skills: Preparing for the TASP TEST. Harcourt, Brace College Publishers, 1996.

Maneuvering with Daedalus: How to Do What You Want to Do. Alliance Press, 1997.

Conference Presentations

“Reflection Between-the-Drafts.” Two-Year College Association-SW. Laredo, TX. October 2010.

“Celebrating Writing for Learning in All Subjects: How to Integrate More Writing into Your Classroom.” The Success Trifecta. Region 20, San Antonio, TX. October 2009.

“Researching Rhetorical Reflection.” Panel on Reflection with Kathleen Blake Yancey as respondent. CCCC. March 2009, San Francisco.

“Generating a Grounded Theory of Rhetorical Reflection.” CCCC Research Network Forum. March 2009, San Francisco.

“What is College Readiness in Writing.” San Antonio Writing Project’s 3rd Annual Teacher’s Conference. Feb. 7, 2009. San Antonio, Texas. (Co-Presented with Jeanne Russell).

“How Student Choice and Technology Work Together to Improve Student Writing.” NCTE. November 2008. San Antonio, Texas. NWP Writing Strand Presentation. (Co-presented with Jennifer Hall.)

“Open Spaces: A Heuristic Toward a New Composition.” CCCC. March 2008. New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Minimal Marking: A Technique for Responding to Student Writing and Teaching Grammar and Editing.” 2 nd Annual Teacher’s Conference, San Antonio Writing Project. February 2008. San Antonio, Texas.

“The "Rhetorical Forum" as a Heuristic Toward a New Composition .” TYCA-SW Conference. October 2007. San Antonio, Texas.

"Distance Education and Programware: The Benefits of Universal Design for Learning Principles." SITE 2007 Conference. March 27-30, 2007. San Antonio, TX, March 2007. (co-presented paper with Dr. Rich Rice, Janie Santoy, and Peter England.)

"Re-inventing Invention by Connecting it to Reflection." North Texas Federation of University's Rhetoric Symposium—Texas A&M, Commerce, Feb. 16, 2007.

"Process Journals: Using Reflection to Promote Learning." Showcasing Writing Across the Curriculum. February Teachers Conference, San Antonio Writing Project. Feb. 3, 2007.

Computers & Writing Conference. May 26-28, 2006. Texas Tech University.
--"Oh Pioneers!: The First Two Years of an Online Ph.D. program in Technical Communication and Rhetoric." (co-presenter)
--"LEAP II: A Video-Case Based Program for Critically Examining Technology in Writing and Multiple Perspectives." (co-presented with Dr. Liz Stephens, Texas State University)

Computers & Writing Online 2006, Feb. 2-28, 2006. Co-Organizer.

"MOO--The Second Decade?" Computers & Writing Online 2005. 8 June 2005. <>.

"Weaving Reflection into an Entire Writing Course." TYCA, October 2004. Austin, TX.

"MOOs as a Platform for Online Portfolios." CCCC 2004, Computer Connection. March 2004. San Antonio, TX.

"Reflection in the Computer Classroom." NCTE 93rd Annual Convention. Nov 2003. San Francisco, CA.

"Observe to Learn: New Views of Reflection in a Networked Writing Classroom." Computers &Writing Online 2003. 13 May 2003.<>.

"Reflecting on Reflections--the Central Role Reflection Plays in Teaching Writing in a Computer Networked Environment." Presented at the 2002 Computers & Writing Conference, Normal, Illinios. May 2002.

"MOOSS. Using a MOO to Provide Online, Real-time Student Services." St. Phillip's College's 11th Annual Fiesta of Continuous Learning. April 19-20, 2001. San Antonio, TX.

"Truth, Knowing, and Teaching Writing Over Computer Networks." NCTE 90th Annual Convention. Nov. 16-21, 2000. Milwaukee, WI. ACE Booth Handout--"Exercises: Learning Writing With Computers Through Sharing Texts."

The Spectator-Participant in the Computers & Writing Learning Environment."  Computers and Writing Conference, 2000.  Ft. Worth, TX.   May, 2000.  Web Slide Show for presentation

“The Role of the Spectator-Participant in the Computers and Writing Learning Environment.”  Conference of College Teachers of English,    Texas   A& M. March, 2000.

Forum Chair for "Collaborative Learning, Social Construction and the Role of the Spectator-Participant." Electronic Discussion List, CW2K Online.  March 15-28, 2000  Invited Participants:  Kenneth A. Bruffee, Brooklyn College, CUNY; Wayne Butler, The Daedalus Group, Inc.  James A. Inman, Furman University.  Archives available.  Information site for session.

Collaboration, Social Construction and the Role of the Spectator-ParticipantMOO Session.  Computers and Writing 2000 Online. March 16, 2000

"Describing the Role of the Spectator-Participant in the Computers and Writing Learning Environment."  Presented at Writing at the Interface, an online conference from Purdue University, December, 1999.

"Three Uses of the Web for Teaching." Fiesta of College Computing, April, 1999. San Antonio, TX. St. Phillip's College.

"The Effectiveness of Computer Classrooms for Teaching Developmental English II. October, 1998 CAST Conference in Dallas, Texas.

"Computers Are For More Than Word Processing." February, 1998 TCTE Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

"Three Models for Teaching Developmental English in the Computer Classroom." October, 1997 TYCA Conference in Austin, Texas.

"The Shared Discourse of the Computer Classroom." April, 1997 CCTE Convention in South Padres Island, Texas.

"Zeroes and Ones: Peer Groups in the Computer Classroom" October, 1995 at the 35th Annual Conference of the Association for General and Liberal Studies in San Antonio, Texas.

"Effective TASP Remediation." October, 1994 TYCA (SRCE) Conference in Laredo, Texas.

Web Sites

AlaMOO Portal Page. Resource site for my students using AlaMOO. 2001. Last updated August 2003. Soon to be adapted for my new MOO home, Nouspace. Tentative title: AlaMOO @Nouspace

AlaMOO User's Guide. 2001. Based upon the enCore v.3 MOO User's Guide.

enCore Consortium website. 2005. Online home for the enCore Consortium

enCore v. 4. User Guide. Aug. 2004.

The Barn: A Repository of MOO Code and Resources for enCore. Resource site created for the enCore MOO community. 2004.

Computers & Writing @ San Antonio College. A resource site for instruction in the computer classrooms at San Antonio College. 2000.

Evaluation Study of the Computer Classroom for Studying English 0301. Results of a two-year evaluation study of the computer classroom, 1996-1998. Last updated February 2000.

Lesson Maps: Navigation Aids for Arriving at Learning with Technology. Custom help guides for teachers at SAC. 2003.

The San Antonio Writing Project. Home page for the local site of the National Writing Project.

Writing Guides: Resources for Writing and Grammar. A resource site of my materials for my students.

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